International Industrial Service

  • Production and delivery of spare parts according to drawings or samples
  • Reconditioning
  • Repair of “worn out” fits on shaft and bore
  • National and international assembly and repairs
  • Site management
  • Assembly of industrial robots, grippers and docking stations within complete production lines
  • Repairs, maintenance, assembly and optimization of scissor lift tables and skids with all common types of drive
  • Repairs, maintenance and extension of hydraulic drives and cylinders
  • From the simple “Perma”-lubrication to the complex controlled grease lubrication system. We create concepts, offer assembly as well as repairs for your systems.
  • Maintenance, repairs, repair of wheelblast machines with pendant conveyor technology and sighting
  • Plant optimization
  • Beam patterns
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Repairs, maintenance and repair of centrifuges for the separation of solid/liquids e.g. sewage sludge
  • Repairs and maintenance of general sewage treatment technology
  • Maintenance, assembly, repairs and UVV tests for mobile and stationary tank presses and horizontal balers of all common manufacturers
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